2022 Summer Pre-Service Show Video (#2)

2022 Summer Pre-Service Show Video (#2)

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Don’t just let them sit there and wait until it’s time to start. Kick off your big event with over 15 minutes of games, challenges, and laughs!

It all starts with a new “extreme” version of our popular Super Shoppers game. Then quiz your kids with fascinatingly strange facts, with Is That Really a Thing You Can Do This Summer? Next up is a game called Animal Sounds, where you’ll find out that you don’t know the sounds that animals make, quite like you think you did. Then we drop some anvils on some fruit just for fun, and end it off with a high flying countdown at the beach. Sprinkle in a few Plinko Races throughout the whole thing, and you’ve got 15 minutes of engaging fun that will set you up to win.

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