A Guide to Family Worship

A Guide to Family Worship

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Are you having kids stay in your main service for the first time? Wondering how to make it work?

As families prepare to worship together in one service (some for the first time!), this guide will help you – and them – make the transition smoothly. Use this resource to empower families to continue discipling their kids on Sunday mornings as we return to in-person worship services.

The goal of this guide is to give you resources to put into families’ hands to remain engaged during family worship. These resources can be printed and handed out or shared virtually (on your church website, social media pages or through email) before and after your services. A PDF and a .docx version of the Discussion Questions & “Why Do We Do It?” Guide are included so you can edit as necessary for your church service!

This download includes:

  • A Leader’s Guide (.docx)
  • Editable Letter/Email to Parents (.docx)
  • “Why Do We Do It?” Conversation Guide for Parents (explaining various aspects of the worship service – PDF & .docx)
  • Discussion Questions for After the Service (PDF & .docx)
  • Printable “Preschool Play Sheet” to use during the Sermon (A preschool version of Sermon Notes – PDF)
  • Elementary Church Notes (PDF) and editable accompanying letter
  • 11 unique Social Media Images (.png)