Advent To Go Box Devotionals

Advent To Go Box Devotionals

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These Advent To Go Boxes are a fun and easy way for families to grow in their faith together during this Advent season. It's a way for churches to empower parents as spiritual leaders.

Make your own Advent To Go Devotional Boxes for all the families in your church.

It's simple: each box comes will have 10 devotional cards and 10 objects. The objects go with the devotionals as a hands-on, tangible way for the kids to learn through the Scriptures and discussions as a family.

Each download comes with instructions to print off 10 devotional cards, instructions about where to buy the boxes and the objects (they are inexpensive, simple objects, such as clear marbles and pipe cleaners), and customizable sticker labels to print your own labels for the boxes, so you can put your own church name on them and print them to put on the front of each box.

Note: This download does not include materials. It does come with links to purchase all the supplies online.