Adventures in Babylon Teaching Series

Adventures in Babylon Teaching Series

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Adventures in Babylon is a five-week series through the book of Daniel. Originally designed for family services, this curriculum can be used in a midweek setting (kids only!), a family service (for parents & kids), or in a Sunday morning children’s church setting.

All the activities in this curriculum are socially distanced and safe for this season, and can easily be done with minimal volunteers!

Each session in this series is designed to take approximately 1 hour, and follows the format of:

  • Welcome/Opening (Game Included!)
  • Worship
  • Bible Teaching & Application
  • Family or Small Group Activities

All the printables, games, slideshows and lessons are included in this awesome series! You can get a free sample of the first week by clicking here.

Each week kids will imagine they’re in Babylon and learn an important lesson from the life of Daniel and his friends:

Week 1: Trust & Obey
 Daniel 1 (Daniel’s Friends & The King’s Food)

Week 2: Revealer of Mysteries
Text: Daniel 2 (The King’s Dream)

Week 3: An Oreo Adventure
Text: Daniel 9 (Daniel’s Prayer & Salvation)

Week 4: Four Men in the Fire
Text: Daniel 3 (The Fiery Furnace)

Week 5: Letters & Lions
Daniel 6 (Daniel & the Lions’ Den)