Awesomeness Curriculum for Preteen Guys

Awesomeness Curriculum for Preteen Guys

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Most preteen guys want to be "awesome."

But for most, being awesome means being the strongest, fastest, or "blows-the-most-stuff-up-ext."

What if Christians reimagined what it means to be awesome, and shaped it into what God wants it to be?

That's what AWESOMENESS is all about.

In this 6-week curriculum, preteen guys will learn about the importance of working hard, trying new things, treating women right, and more of the foundational things God calls them to be.

AWESOMENESS uses an integrated large group-small group format to allow guys to develop and grow in the context of community.

Help your preteen guys be the AWESOME guys God wants them to be.

This product includes:
Lesson pdfs
Discussion questions

This resource includes a downloadable zip folder with all of the files you need for this teaching unit.