Dynamic Duos: Animated Edition on Screen Game

Dynamic Duos: Animated Edition on Screen Game

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Mickey and Minnie, Shaggy and Scoob, Buzz and Woody!

This trivia/countdown is all about our favorite animated pals! Do you how much of Shrek is devoted to fart jokes? Download this resource and find out with an indie rock backing track! 

Throw it on in the background as people are entering the room, use it to fill time as parents are coming to pick up their kids, or toss it anywhere else you might need 5 minutes! Great for leaders and kids alike!

This Resource Includes:

5-minute Countdown Video with music (mp4 file)
5-minute Countdown Video with no music (mp4 file)
5-minute Countdown Video with no trivia (mp4 file)
Title slide (png file)

See the preview video here: