Egg-Streme Easter

Egg-Streme Easter

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Egg-Streme Easter is a 4-week Easter series aimed at children ages 5-11 years to help them explore the Easter story in an egg-stremely awesome way! We recommend starting this series 3 weeks before Easter, with lesson 4 ending on Easter Sunday. This series includes lessons created for 2021, so there are 3 ways you can teach this series:

  1. In-Person, with social-distancing in mind
  2. On Zoom, with a modified zoom-friendly version of the lesson
  3. Via pre-recorded lesson video, with 7-12-minute videos ready to share with your families

Each week, kids dive into a different event in the Easter story and experience Jesus's final days through games, times of reflection, interactive object lessons, and more. Each week also includes a Resurrection eggs activity that allows kids to find, order, tell, and review the Easter story each week.

This teaching series includes lots of different elements to help make your lesson Biblical, fun, interactive, relational, and relevant to your kids. The in-person lessons have 90+ minutes’ worth of activities, and the Zoom-friendly lessons are designed for 45-minute sessions.

Series Overview:

Week 1: Egg-streme Heart Searcher (Matthew 26:17-35 - The Last Supper)

Week 2: Egg-cellent Obedient Son (Matthew 26:36-46 - Jesus Prays in the Garden)

Week 3: Egg-sausted Suffering Savior (Matthew 27:27-56 - Soldiers Mock Jesus)

Week 4: Egg-straordinary Victorious God (Matthew 27:58 – 28:15 - Jesus's Death & Resurrection)

Each of the 4 lessons includes:

  • Title graphics (.jpg)
  • 7-12-minute video versions of the lessons for online church (.mp4)
  • Games with graphics and PPTs where needed (widescreen and standard .jpg, .pptx files for some games)
  • Lesson with 90+ minutes of activities and 3 object lessons (.docx)
  • Zoom-friendly lesson – 45 minutes (.docx)
  • Resurrection Eggs Activity to use during the lesson (.docx + PDF)
  • Activity booklets for 5-7s and 8-11s (PDF)
  • Social media images (.jpg)
  • Kids devotional (PDF)
  • Family devotional (PDF)
  • All necessary printables and crafts (PDF)

This product is a digital download, which means you will receive a link to download the files after completing the check-out process. Because of all of the incredible elements in this curriculum, it is too large of a file to host on our site. Instead, you will receive a PDF with a special link to access the series via Dropbox. You do not need to have a Dropbox account to access the curriculum. Please note: It is too large of a file to view on a mobile device.