Greatest Story Ever Told Advent Devotional

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This Family Advent Devotional is designed to be used during the 4 weeks of Advent. Throughout the 4 weeks, families will explore “The Greatest Story Ever Told” – the story of Jesus’ birth!

Each week starts with a read-aloud devotional that is formatted as a story. The story remains true to the Scriptural text (with some creative elements!) – there are words from Scripture in each devotional as can be seen in italics.

Families can choose just to read the story each week, or use the activity sheet as well! Each week has 3 types of activities:

  • “Talk About It” Discussion Questions to get families talking about the story in a unique, creative way
  • “Try It Out” Activities to incorporate the truth of the story into the family’s life (and provide quality time!)
  • “Listen to It” Song Suggestions that accompany the week’s theme

You can challenge your families to do all the activities, try one activity a day, or simply pick & choose the ones that work for their families’ ages and schedules.

This is a great accompaniment to our Greatest Story Ever Told Christmas Program!