House Hunt [Quarantine Edition] On Screen Game

House Hunt [Quarantine Edition] On Screen Game

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In this On Screen game, kids hunt around their house for the quarantine item on the screen and race to be the first one to bring it back to the group. This game includes a title slide, instructions slide, and 15 slides with different items relating to quarantine life like hand sanitizer, salty snacks, sidewalk chalk, baking utensils, toilet paper, and more.

Each slide includes a written description of the item and a picture, so even your non-readers can play too! 

This download includes: 

  • PPT presentation with slides ready to go (.ppt)
  • Instructions for game play (.docx)
  • Slide images to use in a presentation software (.jpg)
  • Blank slide so you can add your own fun ideas (.ppt and .jpg)

See the preview video here: