Love It or Leave It: Valentine Gifts On Screen Game

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In Love It or Leave It: Valentine Gifts Edition, kids must decide if the item on the screen is something they’d love to receive as a Valentine’s Day gift, or if they would leave it. If they love it, they stand up and cheer! If they leave it, they stay sitting. Use this game during your large group, as a time-filler, or even in small groups if your space/resources allows. There are 15 rounds.

The PPT file has the slides ready to go for you, including a couple of blank slides to add in more of your own ideas. The slides are also available as individual .png files so you can quickly insert them into your presentation software.

This download includes:

  • 15 slides with items kids recognize (like chocolate, roses, toys, rubber ducks, etc.) (.png)
  • Title slide and instructions slide (.png)
  • Complete PPT file (.ppt)
  • Blank slide for customizing with your own example (.png)
  • Instructions for gameplay (.docx)