Not a Cat Game

Not a Cat Game

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Inspired by the "I am not a cat" viral video, here is Not A Cat game wherein players try to guess what animal, insect, or reptile is behind the cat mask based on a short description. This game is great for kids who can read and are learning to put clues together and for kids learning to associate words with pictures. 

Not A Cat game is great for kids of ALL AGES. Share your screen in Zoom or create your own PPT presentation, Google Slide, or Keynote presentation to challenge kids and adults to compete against each other for 10 rounds of hilarious game play.  The mp4 movie file is great to instantly play this game on your computer, smart TV, or the big screen.

This download includes:

  • 22 Graphic images (.jpg) 
  • 1 Cat image (png)
  • 1 Video File (mp4)

 See the preview video here: