Sermon Notes for Kids Printable Pack

Sermon Notes for Kids Printable Pack

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Looking for ways to engage kids in your family or adult worship service? Download this Sermon Notes for Kids Printable Pack, and you’ll be set! This resource includes 3 customizable PDF printables so you can insert your own sermon points or sermon Scripture.

In Sermon Bingo, kids listen for words that start with the letters of your choosing and try to fill up their Bingo Board! In Tally Notes, kids listen for certain words of your choosing and keep track of which word(s) they heard the most. In the Handwriting Practice Notes, kids draw a picture of the scripture of your choosing, then practice writing the letters in the lined section.

Also included are links to my favorite Sermon Notes Printables online and a list of ideas to create your own Sermon Notes Printables that will help keep your kids engaged in the service!

This download includes:

  • Editable PDF of Sermon Bingo activity (in color and black and white)
  • Editable PDF of Tally Notes Printable
  • Editable PDF of Handwriting Practice Printable
  • Links to my other favorite sermon notes for kids printables online
  • Ideas for creating your own sermon notes for kids

*Editable PDF Instructions: The editable PDF documents will only work in Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows PC or Mac, so make sure you have this installed. Adobe Reader is free to use and you can download it online. Subscription to Adobe is not needed.  The PDFs will NOT be editable if you use the Adobe Reader app on mobile devices or tablets.