The Missing Piece (Easter) Stand Alone Lesson

The Missing Piece (Easter) Stand Alone Lesson

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There are so many things in this world that compete for the attention of children - fame, fortune, money, popularity, power, and more. It is very tempting to center our lives around these things and “build” our lives on these things that will not last.

The Apostle Paul teaches us that Jesus Christ is the only foundation we must build our lives upon. If we choose to build on anything else or if we remove Jesus as the centerpiece of our lives, our lives will crumble and fall.

In this lesson, the children are going to learn that Jesus is THE most important piece of the puzzle of their lives. Best of all, Jesus is a LIVING Savior who rose from the dead on Easter! His power in us will make our lives everything they were meant to be!

Includes the following:
“The Spark” Intro Video
“The Missing Piece”
“Whatchagaddaknow” Video--Boudreaux teaches “Whatchagaddaknow”
Character Skit
“Wacky Wally”
Offering Time
Game Time!
Bible Story
“Jesus Is Alive!”
Power Verse (no video)
Call To Action
Small Group Experience