This iKnow Unit 10: Record Setters [Elementary]

This iKnow Unit 10: Record Setters [Elementary]

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This is 13-week teaching unit published by KidzMatter.

What’s the record length of hair? What’s the largest building in the world? What does the smallest dog look like? Where is the largest pool in the world? Have you ever seen the largest rocking chair or baseball bat? They are all record setters!

You’re going to have loads of fun presenting the Bible stories in this unit by using record setting objects and feats as object lessons to learn more about the record-setting people in the story. God wrote an astounding draw-dropping story in the lives of people who were just like you and me. We pray that you’ll have a record-setting experience with your kids as you explore God’s Word.

What’s included:
Bible-based lessons
Object lessons
Take-home sheets
And lots more!

Click here for a sample lesson.

This iKnow Elementary is for 1st-6th graders. You can also find the preschool version of this unit here at KidzMatter.

This resource includes a downloadable zip folder with all of the files you need for this teaching unit.