This iKnow Unit 12: Agape National Park Elementary

This iKnow Unit 12: Agape National Park Elementary

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This is 13-week teaching unit published by KidzMatter.

This fall you'll be visiting Agape National Park, where all the trails will lead your kids into God's Word. Each lesson begins with a visit from Parker Woods, who offers a tip about life in the wilderness, along with a connection to the Bible account the kids will be learning about. And then, you'll all look forward to weekly appearances by our puppet friends, the Park Ranger and his trusty Trainee. Join the crickets to sing praises to God at Agape National Park!

So, cozy up to the campfire, roast a marshmallow or two, 'cause there's so much S'more we want to share with you.

What’s included:
Bible-based lessons
Object lessons
Take-home sheets
And lots more!

Click here for a sample lesson.

This iKnow Elementary is for 1st-6th graders. You can also find the preschool version of this unit here at KidzMatter.

This resource includes a downloadable zip folder with all of the files you need for this teaching unit.