This iKnow Unit 5: Held Captive [Preschool]

This iKnow Unit 5: Held Captive [Preschool]

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This is 13-week teaching unit published by KidzMatter.

What do Saul, Peter, Joseph, Samson, Jeremiah, Jonah, and the Ark of God have in common? (Thought you knew until you read that last one … right?) Each one was held captive at some point and then through amazing faith and God’s hand, each one was set free. We pray that you and your kids allow God to set you free—no matter what’s going on in your lives—to live according to His Word.

What’s included:
Bible-based lessons
Object lessons
Take-home sheets
And lots more!

Click here for a sample lesson.

This iKnow Preschool is for ages 2 years-PreK. You can also find the elementary version of this unit here at KidzMatter.

This resource includes a downloadable zip folder with all of the files you need for this teaching unit.