Well Hi There Crowd Breaker Game

Well Hi There Crowd Breaker Game

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Well Hi There! Since social interaction has become limited during the pandemic, help kids practice their social skills using this greetings-based crowd breaker game!

There are 2 ways to play:

  1. Partner Vs Partner – Kids find a partner and stand back-to-back. Each partner chooses and mimics one of the six greetings on the title screen. On the count of 3, they turn around, doing their greeting, and if they match their partner, BOTH are out!
  2. Vs the Screen – Each round, kids choose one of the six greetings on the title slide to mimic. Allow time for kids to choose and do their greeting. If they match the greeting that shows up on the screen, they’re out!

The six socially-distanced greetings referenced in the game include: wave, heart hands, I love you sign, thumbs up, bow, and double wave.

This download includes: 

  • Vs Partner PPT Game (.pptx)
  • Vs Screen PPT Game (.pptx)
  • 10 Game-play Slides for inserting into your own presentation software (.png)
  • Instructions for various ways to play (.docx)