Sink or Float? Crowd Breaker Video [Volume 4]

Sink or Float? Crowd Breaker Video [Volume 4]

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These fun and whimsical videos are a perfect way to open your large group times, use during snack times or just have fun at the closing event.

These lighthearted video vignettes are intended to be used in sets of 3-5 at a time and to get the crowd engaged, yelling and voting. Be sure to create a culture of counting down, "5...4...3...2...1" in a loud and rambunctious way! Create the energy! Pump up the crowd! Will it sink? Will it Float? I can assure you, IT WILL BE FUN!

Volume 4 includes 5 videos featuring:
Summer Sausage
Chicken Sausage

This resource includes:
5 video files for ProPresenter, PowerPoint, or other presentation software.

See the preview video here: