Would You Rather: Easter Edition On Screen Game

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Would you rather swim in a pool made of peeps or sleep in a bed made of jellybeans? Would you rather hop like a bunny for a week or waddle like a duck for a year? Be chased by a 100-foot-tall bunny or be chased by 1,000 baby chicks? This on-screen game encourages all kids to participate and share their opinions with friends. This resource has 11 interactive rounds in total.

This versatile game has multiple options for playing:

  1. No-prep game video - Hit play and walk away. Have kids share their Easter-themed opinions as the video host reads ‘would you rather’ choices for each round.

  2. 5-minute countdown video or pre-service icebreaker – no game host needed

  • voice-over option for non-readers (.mp4)

  • music and countdown clock only (.mp4)


In-service crowd game - with video or slides options

voice-over video option for non-readers (.mp4)

music-only video with no voice-over so you can host (.mp4)

images or editable PowerPoint options allow you to play at your own pace (.png or .pptx)

This download includes the following: 

  • Editable PPT (.pptx) file with a title slide, 11 questions, & end slide

  • Graphic slides (.png) with title image, 11 questions, & ending image

  • 4) 5 min. Would You Rather Video options with fun music (.mp4)

    • Countdown Clock & Narrator

    • Countdown Clock (no narrator)

    • Narrator (no clock)

    • Music only (no clock & no narrator)

 Please note: It is too large of a file to view on a mobile device.

See the preview video here: